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What’s the True Cost of Hiring a Skip?

The true cost of hiring a skip is an easy one to answer. Perhaps a better question is what’s the true cost of not hiring a skip? To see skip hire costs just pop over to our online quote page. Punch in a few details (such as where you want the skip, what size and […]

Some Weird Stuff Ends Up in Skips

People throw away the strangest of things. To the point where you wonder ‘did they really mean to throw that in the skip?’ As a specialist waste and recycling firm we like to think we’ve seen it all – but maybe we haven’t quite. We’ve never had to deal with live ammunition, for example. Unlike […]

Net Zero and Waste Management

The waste management sector produces about 4% of the UK’s CO2 emissions. There’s no denying that we’re part of the climate problem – but we’re also an indispensable part of the solution that will get the country to net zero carbon. We can certainly do something about our operational carbon footprint as an industry. As […]

Are Skips An Environmentally Friendly Way to Deal With Waste?

The appeal of hiring a skip used to be that you could throw your rubbish into a single container and not worry. Somebody would come along, take the skip away and that would be it. Thirty or so years ago people probably didn’t think too much about where the waste went and how much ended […]

What Does an Untidy Site Say About a Construction Company?

An overflowing skip piled high with waste is a familiar sight on many building sites. And when the skip is full more waste piles up alongside. What does this tell people about the firm doing the building work? And what happens to the waste that isn’t contained? Sections of polythene sheet or old cement bags […]

Why Do I Need to Hire a Skip? I’d Never fill it.

When many people think about skips they imagine the large, cumbersome units they see on construction sites. When it comes to their own DIY projects they can’t imagine how they would ever fill such a thing, even if they had room for one outside their house. So instead of hiring a skip they choose to […]