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Recycle Reuse Reduce

Although we ‘ditch the dirt’ for you, our mission is to be environmentally aware, to reduce landfill waste where possible, to re-use where we can and maximise recycling potential. 

At our on-site sorting plant, we comb through the waste we receive and separate it out. We make every effort to re-process as close to Wellington as possible.

We recycle as much as we can through our transfer station. Recent WRAP (Waste Resources and Action Programme) research showed that recycling offers more benefits for the environment and less environmental impacts than other waste management options.

Our Recycling at Work

We believe the following facts show the importance of our intention to prioritise recycling:

As we concentrate on providing a local service we are also minimising our carbon footprint when handling your waste.
For details and prices on screened crushed stone from our depot, please contact us.

Landfill sites are filling up fast

Recycling helps to reduce pollution from waste in landfill sites

Using recycled rather than raw materials in products saves energy and cost

By recycling we are protecting natural resources for future generations

Landfill taxes are increasing

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