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What’s the True Cost of Hiring a Skip?

The true cost of hiring a skip is an easy one to answer. Perhaps a better question is what’s the true cost of not hiring a skip?

To see skip hire costs just pop over to our online quote page. Punch in a few details (such as where you want the skip, what size and how long for) and you’ll see your price. And that’s it. No extra costs and no hidden charges.

But what if you don’t do that and decide to get rid of all that waste on your own?

There are some immediate tangible costs such as fuel (or charging if you have an electric vehicle). If you have even a small skipful of waste there’ll be more round trips to the recycling centre than you imagine. If you add all of that up you will get to a significant sum.

Unpredictable Costs

Perhaps harder to calculate is the wear and tear on your vehicle and any additional depreciation costs if you damage the paintwork or interior loading or unloading bulky items.

Then how about if you drive over a discarded nail or sharp object on your drive or at the recycling centre? What’s the cost of a new tyre? Even mid-range tyres for a fairly standard wheel size will set you back over £100 these days.

Then, what if your local recycling centre doesn’t accept some of the waste? Many centres have restrictions on what you can dispose of so you may have to travel further. Even if they take it, some types of waste such as rubble and plasterboard attract additional charges.

Responsible Waste Handling

In all of this we’re assuming you’re a responsible citizen. You want to dispose of your waste correctly and ensure everything that can be recycled is.

Perhaps you know some fly-by-night character who promises to take away your rubbish for a bargain fee? If they’re not properly licensed you could be looking at a fine that would dwarf any skip hire costs.

Finally, what cost do you put on your time? Disposing of a skip load of waste will probably take the equivalent of more than an entire day to sort your waste, load, unload and drive back and forth from the recycling centre. Surely you have better things to do with that time?

So save yourself time and know exactly what you’ll be paying – get a skip hire quote now.

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