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Are Skips An Environmentally Friendly Way to Deal With Waste?

The appeal of hiring a skip used to be that you could throw your rubbish into a single container and not worry. Somebody would come along, take the skip away and that would be it. Thirty or so years ago people probably didn’t think too much about where the waste went and how much ended up in landfill.

The world isn’t like that anymore. People are more environmentally aware and concerned about what happens to the things they throw away. Legal penalties for being careless with waste are also severe.

According to the Wrap Recycling tracker Survey for 2020, 89% of people say they recycle regularly. Recycling has become part of routine life, whether that’s the weekly kerbside collection or a trip to the local waste recycling centre (people don’t even call it ‘the tip’ or ‘the dump’ any more).

The majority of people want more effective recycling services and better information about what can be recycled and how. Almost everyone agrees that landfill is a bad option and should be absolutely the last resort.

Where do skips fit into this overall picture?

If you have a large quantity of waste, even if it’s mixed waste, hiring a skip is not only convenient, it’s very environmentally friendly.

Everything that comes into our depot is carefully sorted. Any items that can be reused are separated and recyclable waste is routed to appropriate dedicated recycling facilities. We try to use facilities as close as possible to our Wellington base to minimise our carbon footprint. We also make a big effort to track where our waste goes and only use recycling partners we trust.

Recycling makes a real difference. It reduces the risk of pollution from landfill and provides raw materials that need less energy and resources for processing than virgin materials.

The best news is that you don’t have to do any sorting while still being waste-conscious. Just throw it all in and we’ll deal with it. You can put most non-hazardous materials in our skips including garden waste, soil, bricks, rubble, general household waste, wood, cardboard, plastics, metal, old furniture, bathroom and kitchen fitments.

If you have hazardous waste such as asbestos we can deal with that too, using special containers and handling procedures – just talk to us about it first and we’ll help you ensure that everything is handled safely and legally.

You still don’t need to worry too much about where the waste materials you put in one of our skips will end up. Just trust Wellington Waste to deal with it all in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

To hire a skip with us, call 01823 664628 or use our booking system here.

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