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E-Waste – The Problem That Isn’t Going Away

Taken as a whole, the UK does a much better job of waste handling than it used to. In 2018 the UK generated 222.2m tonnes of waste. Of that, nearly half was recycled or recovered and 22.8% sent to landfill. Much still needs to be done. Nearly 23% of waste going to landfill is still […]

Cheaper Than a Skip, Less Faff Than the Recycling Centre

Image of a truck with skip

Margaret and Dave have been doing a bit of home improvement work. Quite a lot of home improvement in fact. Now it’s time to decide what to do with all that waste the work generated. They could take it all down to the local authority recycling centre. But the waste contains plasterboard and some felt […]

Be A Better Informed Recycler

Better informed people will be better recyclers. So let’s clear up a bit of confusion and a few potential misunderstandings. Here’s our run-down of some common recycling myths and misunderstandings. Recycling Logos Symbols don’t always mean what a regular person would assume they mean. Starting with the dreaded green dot. The ‘green dot’ logo doesn’t […]