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Cheaper Than a Skip, Less Faff Than the Recycling Centre

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Margaret and Dave have been doing a bit of home improvement work. Quite a lot of home improvement in fact. Now it’s time to decide what to do with all that waste the work generated.

They could take it all down to the local authority recycling centre. But the waste contains plasterboard and some felt from a shed roof they replaced. They’re not sure if the centre accepts those.

They’ll also be charged for disposing of rubble. It’s not clear how much it’ll cost and there seems to be a lot of restrictions about how much they can take and how often. It all looks a bit of a faff.

A skip would be handy. But there’s nowhere really to put it. And maybe that’s too much cost for the amount of waste they have.

Ever Thought About Using a Weighbridge?

The good news is that there’s an alternative. One that’s quick, convenient, affordable and – most important – fully licensed and legal. It’s the Wellington Waste weighbridge.

Here’s how it works.

Drive in. Weigh your vehicle. Unload. Reweigh your vehicle. Pay. Go home.

That’s it. No fuss and completely affordable.

The Bulky Waste Challenge

Local authorities are implementing charges for different types of waste and, in some areas, restricting how often you can visit their waste handling centres. Many people are looking for alternatives to dispose of large volumes of waste responsibly.

Skips are a very effective option. But sometimes they aren’t practical because site access is difficult or there’s nowhere to leave one without causing disruption.

We believe that people are more likely to handle household waste responsibly when they have a range of practical options. So, as well as skips for any size of job, we also have the drive-in weighbridge facility.

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