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Why Choose Wellington Waste for Your Household Waste Disposal Needs?

Cluttered Garage

Having a big clear out? When you’ve spent hours sorting through your household waste, loading it into your vehicle, and are finally ready to dispose of it, the last thing you want to do is sort it all over again at a waste disposal site. That’s where Wellington Waste steps in to make your life easier!

Effortless Disposal with Our Weighbridge

One of the key benefits of choosing Wellington Waste is our convenient weighbridge system. For as little as £10 + VAT, you can confidently ‘drop and run’, knowing that we will handle the sorting, recycling, and processing of your waste for you. Here’s how our simple and efficient weighbridge process works:

1. Drive In: Simply drive your vehicle onto the weighbridge.

2. Weigh Vehicle: We’ll weigh your vehicle before you offload your waste.

3. Dump Load: Offload your waste – no need for you to sort it.

4. Re-Weigh: We weigh your vehicle again to calculate the disposal cost.

5. Pay and Go: Settle the payment and be on your way!

Convenient and Accessible Location

Our facility’s location just off J26 on the M5 makes us incredibly accessible. This streamlined process ensures that you can visit our site, dispose of your waste quickly, and get back to your day without hassle.

Open Five Days a Week

Our weighbridge is open Monday to Friday 8:30am-4:30pm (closing at 4pm during winter months) providing you with ample opportunities to dispose of your waste at your convenience. Unlike public recycling centres, you don’t need to pre-sort your rubbish – we take care of all that for you once you drop it off.

Important Considerations

While our weighbridge service is designed for ease and convenience, it’s important to keep certain items separate. For example, plasterboard needs to be disposed of separately. Additionally, we do not accept hazardous waste via the weighbridge. If you need to dispose of hazardous materials, please contact us to discuss the appropriate disposal methods.

Why Wellington Waste?

Choosing Wellington Waste means choosing a hassle-free, environmentally conscious waste disposal service. Our mission is to reduce landfill waste, maximise recycling potential, and make the disposal process as easy as possible for you. With our efficient weighbridge system, convenient location, and dedicated service, you can trust us to handle your household waste responsibly and effectively.

Whether you’re tackling a major home renovation, clearing out your garage, or simply decluttering, let Wellington Waste take the load off your shoulders. Drive in, drop off, and let us do the rest – it’s that simple.

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