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What to do When You Have a Lot of Building or Garden Waste


If you‘ve carried out a large DIY or garden landscaping project you’re bound to have a large amount of waste to get rid of. The chances are that you’ll want to dispose of it all quickly because it’s a bit of an eyesore and it’s in the way.

So, what are your options?

Can You Reuse Any of it?

General rubble can be compacted and used as hardcore for paths, patios etc. Even if you’re not planning another building or landscaping project, your neighbours might be. So maybe ask around before disposing of this type of waste.

The same with unwanted topsoil. Could you or your neighbours use any of it for raised beds or to level out areas of the garden?

If nobody wants it and you can’t use it, it’ll have to be disposed of. Depending on the rules that apply in your area, you may be able to dump small quantities of rubble for nothing at your local recycling centre. More than a carrier bagful and you’ll probably have to pay.

What Waste is Acceptable?

If the waste is mixed (for example bricks, concrete and plasterboard) your waste will have to be separated. You might find that your local recycling centre doesn’t accept some materials such as roofing felt containing bitumen or plasterboard.

Building and garden waste can be dirty and heavy. If you don’t have a trailer, do you really want to put these types of material in your car? Also, how many trips will you have to make if you want to be certain of not overloading your vehicle?

Quick and Clean

Hiring a skip is often a quicker, cleaner and more convenient option.

Usually when people hire a skip for a DIY or landscaping job they tell us they’re glad they did it. They only have to handle the waste once so it’s all quick and (relatively) clean. Throw it all into one big container and forget about it. We do all the sorting so it all ends up in the right waste and recycling stream.

Skip sizes vary from 1.5m3 up to 9.2 m3 (the larger size is equivalent to about 140 black bags). So there aren’t many domestic jobs that a single skip couldn’t handle – Check out our Skip Size Guide.

The easiest thing is just to call us and tell us how much waste you have and what it consists of. We’ll then advise you on what skip size you’ll need and anything else you need to know.

Contact 01823 664628 to find out more, or email enquiries@wellingtonwaste.co.uk.

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