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What if I can’t Have a Skip?


Many people assume that they can’t have a skip if they live somewhere that has restricted access, or if they have no driveway.

If you’re considering a large DIY project – a remodelling of your kitchen or bathroom, perhaps – you might be held back by the thought of getting rid of all that waste. A car full of bits of wood, plasterboard and pipework and plastic bags full of rubble. Think of the hours of extra work in loading it all up, sitting waiting to get into the dump itself, dealing with the recycling centre staff – it is tiresome beyond belief.

Ways with waste

There are, of course, other ways to get rid of waste. You can hire a man with a van, but you’d have to wait for them to become available and you would be at their mercy. And there is also the distinct possibility that they don’t take their licensing conditions seriously enough and can fly-tip your waste somewhere unsightly and illegal (although we’re not suggesting that is a likely possibility).

But here at Wellington Waste, we think you have more options. Firstly, are you sure you don’t have room for a skip?

We have a huge range of skips in a wide variety of sizes. Whilst our biggest skip comes in at 12 cubic yards, which is big enough for around 140 black bin bags full of waste, our mini skip takes up a mere two cubic yards, and could just about fit in the back of an estate car with the seats down.

The mini skip is small and unobtrusive and will fit almost anywhere; ideal for those who don’t have a large amount of available space. Plus, we have a specialist smaller lorry to deliver it, making life even easier for you.

Out on the highway

Alternatively, you can put the skip on a public highway, on the street outside your house. Wellington Waste will take care of getting the licences from the local council and for meeting all the specific criteria involved.

We will arrange all the signage, traffic cones and lighting necessary to ensure the skip is fully legally compliant on the highway. We’ll site the skip so it doesn’t disrupt traffic or parking. So, all you have to do is fill the skip to your heart’s content, then sit back and let us take it away and dispose of its contents, easily and painlessly.

If in doubt, call us on 01823 664628, or email us at enquiries@wellingtonwaste.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.

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