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The Problem of Plastic Waste

The world is seemingly drowning in plastic waste. A study in 2020 reported that the amount of plastic alone that man has created is greater in mass than all land animals and marine creatures combined. Because plastics are cheap and strong, manufacturers choose to use it over other materials. However, the chemical structure of most plastics […]

Bioplastics – The Answer, or Part of the Problem?

In a zero carbon, more sustainable future, we will need to be less reliant on extracting petroleum from the ground and processing it into plastics. Yet on the other hand, plastics are incredibly versatile and useful. Could bioplastics be the answer? Plastics are part and parcel of modern life. They protect products from contamination or […]

Are you Prepared for the Two Universal Rules of DIY Projects?

Spring seems to be the time when people finally take on those major DIY projects. Kitchens, bathrooms and other parts of the house or garden finally get that major makeover. For any DIY project there are two rules that always seem to apply. First, it will turn out to be more complicated than you imagined. […]

Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste Isn’t Waste at all, It’s a Resource It was hard not to be moved by the scenes of plastic waste choking oceans and wildlife in the recent TV series Blue Planet II. We literally cannot go on like this. We all need to take more care of how we handle plastic waste. As […]