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Planning to Remodel Your Garden?

What About All that Waste?

Are you getting ready for a major landscaping or clear-out project in your garden?

This is certainly the time of year when we think about tackling those big projects so our gardens are all set up for the spring and summer.

The waste we create is often an afterthought and there always seems to be so much more of it than we expected. So, instead of sitting back and enjoying a remodelled outdoor space, people end up fretting about how to deal with the mound of roots, branches, turf, soil and rubble they have created. Instead of reclining in a comfy garden chair, they spend hours in the driver’s seat of their car going back and forth to the recycling centre.

Disposal Costs

Disposing of the waste can also be expensive. As well as the fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle you may have to pay a fee. While some garden waste such as branches, leaves and grass cuttings can normally be disposed of free of charge, soil and rubble from broken up patios will be chargeable (as well as heavy).

There is a simpler way that involves only handling the waste once. You also won’t have to worry about how you get it from your property to somewhere it can be recycled or disposed of properly – that’s to hire a skip from Wellington Waste. Just put all of your garden waste into the skip and let us deal with it. It really couldn’t be more simple.

The added advantage is that you can also throw in any other non-hazardous waste that you’ve been meaning to get rid of and deal with everything in one go. The friendly team at Wellington Waste will advise you on exactly what can and can’t go in your skip and what size you will need. We’ll also arrange a licence if the skip won’t be sited on private property.

At the end of your project, what could be more appealing than simply waving goodbye to all that waste and getting down to the not so serious business of enjoying your garden? Contact us today on 01823 664 628 to find out more about the skip hire options available.

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