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Our Weighbridge Makes your Building Waste Simpler to Manage

If you don’t have enough to fill a skip, disposing of business waste, particularly if it involves building materials and hardcore, can be a nuisance. First of all, not all local authority waste recycling centres will allow trade waste. Where they do, the process of dealing with it can be time consuming.

You may have to separate different types of waste so that the recycling centre can work out how much you need to pay. You’ll probably have to queue to get into the site, and queue again to pay your disposal fees as you can’t pay in advance. Then, it’s up to you to place all of your waste in the appropriate bins.

The process can easily take a couple of hours that you may not be being paid for. And, of course, you can only pay by card, which creates a bit more accounting work.

Is there a faster and more convenient option? We believe there is.

The weighbridge at Wellington Waste is a popular and convenient option for many tradespeople. You simply roll up with your van and trailer. We weigh your waste in a matter of minutes. And then you dump it and go. If you have an account with us we will send you an invoice in the normal way. It couldn’t be much simpler.

Handling commercial waste is probably the least interesting and least profitable aspect of running your business. Having a quick and convenient way to deal with it leaves you free to get on with something more productive.

To use the weighbridge for commercial waste you will need a waste carriers licence. All we then ask is that comply with our onsite health and safety procedures.

We aim to make sure that one thing you won’t be wasting is your precious time.

To find out more, call us on 01823 664628.

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