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All You Need to Know About Skip Permits

Are you thinking of hiring a skip but you’re not sure if you have enough space or the rights to have one? To put a skip on a public road, you’ll need a permit from your local council. To make the process easier for you, we are happy to apply for one on your behalf. The pandemic restrictions will not affect your right to a skip permit.

Why Do I Need a Permit?

Skip permits are required by law so that councils can consider the impact a skip may have on a public space. For example, they may cause parking restrictions or disrupt the traffic flow. If you were to place a skip on a public road without a permit, you’d be liable for a fine and the skip could be taken away without notice, so it’s important to follow procedure.

You also need to check if the skip will be in a controlled parking zone as this would require a parking bay suspension from the council. If you want to put a skip on private land, such as a driveway, then a permit is not required.

When Do I Need a Permit?

10 days’ notice must be given for the council to process the application.

A standard skip permit costs £115. When we organise a permit for you, we add the cost of this to your bill.

How Long Does a Permit Last?

The permits last 28 days but we can apply to the council for an extended period, if necessary, at an additional cost of £65 for each further 28 day period. If you keep a skip for longer than your permit allows, you may be fined.

For more information and advice, contact us on 01823 664628 or at enquiries@wellingtonwaste.co.uk.

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